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Meet Our Team

123 Dental is proud to host a team consisting of expertly-trained members. Our vast experience in and out of the dental industry has taught us that all patients are unique. Their varying needs deserve the dental care that reflects their individual requirements, which we achieve with the help of each team member.

Whether we’re answering your call, scheduling our treatment, cleaning your teeth, or taking your X-rays, the 123 Dental team strives to provide the best experience you’ve ever had. We always go the extra mile so that you feel relaxed and welcome the moment you enter our facilities.

Our experienced and talented team is dedicated to working with you and your family. Our goal is to make our practice a comfortable and stress-free place for you. That way, you will have a rewarding dental experience with every visit.

The 123 Dental team is here to help you smile more confidently. We look forward to meeting you!

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Dr. Jack Brazel

Dr. Jack Brazel received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Leeds University, U.K. Following a vocational training year in Yorkshire for the National Health Service, and private work in Manchester, Jack moved to Perth 7 years ago. He took over 123 Dental in August 2017.

He enjoys all aspects of general dentistry; with a particular interest in full mouth rehabilitations, cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign (invisible braces). Jack is committed to lifelong learning, having recently completing a Mini-Residency Program in Prosthodontics in Queensland. Outside of work Jack enjoys soccer, tennis, golf and photography.

There’s nothing I love more than watching a patient who was previously terrified of the dentist walk out our doors with a smile on their face. Honestly, there’s nothing more satisfying in the world.

Like the other dental professionals here at 123 Dental, I truly care about my patients and do everything possible to ensure they are at ease and receive nothing but the best care while they’re here.

My patients are more than just numbers. I’m actually interested in who they are, their families, and what’s happening in their lives. In other words, I’m a listener. I feel it’s important to really listen and observe. By doing so, I’m able to relate and have more of a profound impact in their lives.

I’m also guilty of being a perfectionist. Whatever it is, it has to be right. While this can sometimes be a bad thing, depending on who you ask, it’s great news for you and your teeth!

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Dr. Kevin Keyhani

Dr. Kevin Keyhani completed his graduate program at Christian Albrechts University in Kiel, Germany. After receiving his BDS degree, he completed a two year residency program at the Medical University of Hamburg Germany, Department of Dermatology, where he attained his PhD.

He is an experienced, highly skilled and caring dentist. Dr Keyhani has been practising dentistry in Australia and Germany for many years. His major interests lie in complex oral rehabilitation, oral surgery and implant dentistry. He is a member of The Australian Dental Association, ITI (International Team for Implantology) and ICOI.

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Dr. Deanne Anastasas

Dr Deanne Anastasas is a Perth-born dentist who completed her Bachelor of Dental Science with Honours at the University of Western Australia in 2005.

Drawing on many years of clinical insight from working at both private and public dental clinics, she has become adept at providing patients with a friendly and caring high standard of dental care in all disciplines, from simple restorative treatments to more complex aesthetic cases and implant restoration.

Dr Anastasas continues to expand her dental knowledge whilst diversifying her expertise through regular professional development seminars and conferences. She is a member of both the Australian Dental Association and the Australian Prosthodontic Society.

I find dentistry rewarding as not only do you problem solve everyday, you get to create beautiful art, talk to wonderful people and even get to sing along to the radio!

I enjoy all disciplines of dentistry, but the most rewarding is working with nervous patients, helping them through their dental treatment and anxieties, then seeing them leaving with a smile on their faces.

Apart from dentistry and being a mum, I am an avid cake decorator – let’s just say children’s birthday parties are my specialty!

I hope to see you soon at 123 Dental where I will treat you with care and professionalism, delivered with a compassionate, friendly and gentle style.

Monique (Oral Health Therapist)

Monique completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Oral Health and graduated from the Otago University in New Zealand back in 2011. After moving to Australia, she worked at a private practice where her roles included working with implant maintenance and patients with gum disease. Monique specialises in treating children, as well as educating them about their oral health.

Being under a private practice was an excellent opportunity for Monique. There are also better schedules since she only has to work for four days. What she liked best is building relationships with clients and working with people she can get along with.

Before starting her job at 123Dental, she also worked in other dental offices in Melbourne and Queensland.

One of the most important things for Monique is the work environment. There should be good relationships between the co-workers and the boss. Thankfully, 123Dental offers just that. The clients are nice, and the team feels like a family working with one another.

Another great thing to be proud of with 123Dental is staying updated with technology. It is not only beneficial to the patients but for everyone in the team, as well. With the new developments in the dental industry, Monique is happy that the practice has progressed along with the times. The clinic has modern equipment, the staff is knowledgeable, and regular training is also provided.

123Dental also has great reviews from past customers. It is a great feeling to be a part of a team that knows how to take care of the patients.

Monique’s day to day roles at 123Dental include:

  • Cleaning teeth
  • Treating gum disease
  • Performing cosmetic procedures, such as teeth whitening
  • Doing check-ups with patients

Her tasks consist of 80% oral hygiene and 20% therapy.

Kira Roose (Practice Manager)

Kira has been a dental nurse for about five years before becoming a part of 123Dental in April 2018. She wanted to prove her skills and advance her profession as a whole, so she pursued certification for Dental Assisting in 2020.

She had a broad experience in the dental industry, as she did a few on-the-job training with other practices. Kira finished her dental nursing training all by correspondence through Dental Nursing Australia.

Being a dental nurse and a part of the industry is exciting, with changes taking place almost every day. For example, manual booking is now replaced with a more automatic system. Patients can be reached and notified quickly when required.

The biggest modification, however, is in technology. Kira has witnessed some of these changes, including the absence of impressions. Before, impressions using mould was the only way, but now scanners have taken their place. 123Dental uses iTero intraoral scanning devices, which are revolutionary. The scanners can provide highly accurate images without needing an impression kit.

The dental industry also uses a very hands-on approach, which is something that Kira enjoys. She likes to be on top of things and organised. Scheduling and making appointments with patients are things she enjoys as well.

Patients may find it scary to visit the dentist. But Kira is around to reassure them that they are making a good decision. She talks to the patients and does her best to put them at ease. When they know what they will go through or at least provide the benefits of the procedure, they will eventually feel better. What Kira does is to make the experience as relaxed for the patients as possible.

Her job as a dental nurse entails reading people, which is an important skill she learned and developed. It is about understanding what will make them feel comfortable and uncomfortable.

Kira loves working with the people around her. They have built a great team, and Dr Jack Brazel is always willing to lend an ear to everyone.

123Dental started out small, but now the business is getting bigger and better. It is something to be proud of as a member of the team.

Kira has already acquired her First Aid Certificate.123Dental is keen on keeping everyone in the practice to stay updated with the dental industry. It is why the staff goes through Medical Emergency Training every three years.

Dental Nurse Must-Haves

  • Time management
  • cleanliness and hygiene
  • Efficiency
  • Be ten steps ahead of everyone

If anyone were to describe Kira, they would often say that she is an organised person.

Kira loves to spend time with her three dogs. She enjoys taking outside for a walk. During her spare time, Kira also likes socialising with other people. Whenever possible, she goes camping and fishing.

Her future remains with the dental industry and 123Dental, although she would very much like to further her skills and responsibilities in the business.

Marija Cicirello (Dental Hygienist)

After finishing high school, Marija decided to become a dental nurse. So, she pursued this path and became a dental nurse for two to three years. Marija absolutely loved the job but what stood out for her were the roles of a therapist and hygienist. From there, she decided that a dental hygienist is the perfect career choice for her.

Marija later went back to study at Curtin University and finished her Associate’s Degree in Dental Hygiene in 1999. She then worked in a Perth-based practice for 18 years. When she left, she went to work with other dental clinics and finally ended up with 123Dental.

As a dental hygienist, her main tasks include:

  • Cleaning clients’ teeth
  • Taking X-rays
  • Taking impressions for mouthguard splints

Marija also makes sure that everything is set up for work, including cleaning and disinfecting the instruments before and after use.

Working at 123Dental makes everything easy because Dr Jack Brazel is a great boss and dentist. He is understanding and allows flexibility in the team, especially with the schedules. Marija also loves working with the whole team. Even though it is a busy practice, the job becomes fun because they all get along well.

Marija is a busy mum of two boys. She rarely has enough time for herself in between her responsibilities at home and work. However, she does make sure to exercise and de-stress as much as possible.

Having been in the dental industry for a long time, Marija has noticed a number of changes. One of the most prominent changes is that many young dentists are coming through, as evidenced by the team at 123Dental. Assistants, practitioners, and other staff members are also more passionate than before.

Technology is different, but a lot better. Invisalign or clear aligners are now available, so patients no longer feel forced to wear metal braces when they do not want to. There’s also improved access to digital x-rays and OPG machines. Orthodontics, thanks to technology, has become more convenient.

One more thing that is quite notable for her is that there is now a significant focus on education and training, which is vital in the industry.

Choosing to become a hygienist was not by accident. Marija was working in another practice, and she admired how the therapist was working with the patients. The level of professionalism and knowledge served as an inspiration to her.

When she started to work as a dental hygienist, it was not entirely surprising that children were scared of going to the dentist. However, things have changed. Now, they love it because Marija’s goal is to make them feel comfortable and less anxious about the procedures they need.

She has also learned that cleanliness is one of the most critical traits in the dental industry. Communication with the patients is essential, especially those who are nervous about their treatment. With Marija’s help, patients walk out wanting to come back.


Before joining 123Dental, Claudia was in the beauty sector for about five years, particularly in the eyebrow sector. She has always been at the front of the business, taking the role of a reception coordinator or anything similar. Her speciality is to be the first point of contact for everyone, particularly the customers.

The transition was quite thrilling for her. After all, being in a dental practice is so different from being in the beauty industry. However, Claudia is no stranger to the dental industry, thanks to her sister, who was a dental nurse.

Although the dental and beauty industries are not at all related, some similarities she has noticed include the goal of people to look better. Dental services may usually be acquired to improve the functionality of the teeth or general oral health. They also have aesthetic purposes.

Claudia has just been with 123Dental since May. However, it is enough for her to see just how enjoyable it is to work with everyone in the practice. She also likes how 123Dental is a small-knit company, which offers a personalised service to each patient. The working environment is less stressful than when she was in the beauty sector.

She looks forward to learning more about the dental services in the company. She loves how everyone is involved in many processes. There is a ton of cosmetic work going on, and the results are amazing to look at. She is also interested in building a friendlier relationship with the patients and participating in more jobs with the team.

Claudia is a professional beauty therapist who acquired her Certificates III and IV in Beauty Therapy. She specialises in eyebrows. Before that, she was in administration when she left school.

Claudia meets and greets people. She also answers and sends emails, talks to customers on the phone, and takes care of the booking system. She calls patients, too, especially those that need following up with. Apart from patients, she also deals with suppliers.

Claudia takes pride in her wonderful quality of staying committed to the business. She is a naturally loyal person, and she does what she loves. At the moment, she enjoys what she is doing at 123Dental and would want to explore her career more on this path.

When Claudia is not working, she is focusing on her health and fitness. She loves to exercise and go to the gym. She believes that a healthy mind plays a significant role in the physical health of a person. It is why she also keeps her mental health in check.

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Parmis (Dental Assistant)

Something special coming soon!